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Our boxes

A wide range of customizable products with high definition flexographic printing, that can be made using any types of corrugated cardboards – from micro to triple flute.

We use ecologic paper and upon request we can use high performance special papers, such as waterproof cardboard and food tested cardboard. Thanks to innovative processing machines for corrugated cardboard, we can manufacture high precision boxes that can be used in automatic packaging lines.

Our boxes are used in pull-to-open lines, lateral filling and wrap around systems.

The key features of our machines are:

  • Electronic control of the gluing process, that drastically reduces the number of boxes rejected by the automatic packaging systems and therefore prevents blocks of the line;
  • High definition and precision of the edges of the boxes;
  • Guaranteed cleanliness of the edges thanks to a latest generation device.

“Regular Slotted Container – RSC”

“Snap Lock Bottom”

“Glued Lock Bottom”

“Self Locking Box”


“Box + Lid”


“Bottle Case”

“Interior partitions, liners, dividers”

“Cardboard pallets”

“Ecobox for Separate Waste Collection”

“Other Cardboard Products”