Protect the environment with eco-friendly packaging

Attention to the environment has always been an essential feature of our box factory; at Schiassi, we produce eco-friendly corrugated cardboard packaging.

Modern packaging must also meet the needs of an increasingly evolved and sustainable world.

eco-friendly packaging

Our box factory offers different solutions of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard:

Cardboard box with ultra-fast tear-off closure system which allows the box to be reused several times, for different uses, thus revolutionizing the concept of the box designed for a single use, reducing the production of waste through reuse.

Corrugated cardboard box Spazio +, a box with a thinner type of corrugated wall, able to maintain durability and resistance, reducing the space occupied in the warehouse by 40% compared to a normal corrugated cardboard box and reducing CO2 emissions thanks to the optimization of transport.

Corrugated cardboard box Second Life Box, a type of sustainable packaging because it allows a second use. We design packaging solutions that give the box a second life, moving from the primary use of a container to a secondary use: it can be turned, for example, into a children’s toy, a pet kennel or a piece of furniture for the home. The “second life” is not just a trend but a way to design sustainable, innovative, fun, emotional and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

The benefits

of eco-friendly packaging are manifold:

  • Reduction in purchase costs;
  • Reduction in transport costs;
  • Reduction in storage space;
  • Reduction of waste and disposal costs;
  • Reduction of air pollution;
  • Optimisation of purchases, stocks, new ranges, transport.

At Schiassi box factory we have always promoted topics such as ecology, sustainability and attention to the environment; producing green, biodegradable and eco friendly packaging means promoting a virtuous behaviour for us and for future generations.

eco-friendly package
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