Sustainable cardboard for environment and your assets

To our box factory, sustainability means commitment and manufacturing ensuring to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations.


Cardboard environmental sustainability

The model chosen by our box factory has allowed us to make choices for the benefit of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Environmental sustainability means protecting the relationship between man and nature while preserving growth, development and resource management:


forest project carried out by our box factory with Treedom, allows us to plant new trees, protecting biodiversity for the benefit of reforestation.


encouraging the use of certified cardboard boxes according to the current international regulations on correct and virtuous forest management. The FSC certification guarantees the origin of our cardboard boxes from responsibly managed forests.


fsc certificate


We have adopted the FSC certification, which guarantees that the cardboard comes from responsibly managed forests. An eco-friendly choice made in full respect of the environment and its protection.

Green cloud certified


availing ourselves of a sustainable Data Center, powered by energy from renewable sources and certified to zero CO2 emissions, for the health of the environment. Every single server produces from 1 to 5 tons of CO2 per year: the energy consumption of data centers is one of the main sources of global pollution. For this reason, in line with our sustainable vision, we have chosen to host our website on a local Green Data Center

SGS Certificate
SGS Certificate

PRINTRELEAF – GS International

SGS International, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, certifies our Global Forestry Partners and conducts field audits through our network of projects to verify 100% of the net survival of our forests.

Schiassi has offset the equivalent of 8,333 total standard pages of reforestation paper consumption 1.00 standard trees since IT HAS joined PrintReleaf Exchange on 2020-04-23.

SGS Certificate
SGS Certificate
ECOVADIS certification


In 2022, we are awarded the Silver Medal by EcoVadis, a platform that assesses companies’ environmental and social practices based on globally recognised standards overseen by an international scientific committee.

ECOVADIS certification

All the initiatives of our box factory to promote and encourage sustainability and the reduction of our ecological footprint, allow us to say that:

We protect the environment as carefully as we protect your assets.

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