ECOPRO+: eco-friendly inner packaging for your products

Are you looking for eco-friendly, polystyrene-free packaging with high visual impact for your products?

Do you need a flexible packaging solution that adapts easily to products of any shape?

ECOPRO+ is ECO-FRIENDLY inner packaging designed to replace plastic fillers (polystyrene, air cushions, bubble wrap, foams and  polyurethane foam)

Characteristics of the ECOPRO+ inner packaging

ECOPRO+ is an eco-friendly corrugated cardboard that protects your products during handling and shipment.

It is an effective alternative to polystyrene and plastic that guarantees flexibility, good load bearing strength and impact absorption.

The innovative shape and characteristics make ECOPRO+ the filler to meet all needs.

ECOPRO+ flutes offers improved performance in terms of:

  • load bearing strength
  • impact absorption capacity
  • flexibility
  • lightness

The extraordinary impact absorption properties of ECOPRO+ flutes protects the packed product against impacts, vibrations and longitudinal compression, allowing even the heaviest products to be secured in the shipment containers.

The strength of the flutes means that liner boards with reduced grammage can be used without reducing the load bearing strength of the material.

ECOPRO+ is a fully eco-friendly packaging

The corrugated cardboard product

  • is made from recycled and recyclable cardboard compliant with  standard FSC

  • is made from responsibly managed and certified natural renewable resources
  • saves up to 80% of carbon dioxide compared to traditional plastic packaging materials

  • is easy to dispose and re-use

  • reduces waste, overuses and wastefulness.

How to use ECOPRO+

ECOPRO+ solutions have been used so far in the automotive, electronics, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical lighting and mechanical sectors.

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With ECOPRO+ different types of inner packaging are possible: separators, shock-absorbing panels and boxes, corner pieces, components, securing systems and perforated panels.

If you are looking for the ideal solution to package your products with guaranteed, eco-sustainable and eco-friendly characteristics with a personalised and innovative design, contact us!

All you have to do is tell us about the product you want to package and

we’ll make the protective ECOPRO+ packaging to measure.

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